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Look Dashing With Captivating Printed T-Shirts

Wearing a t-shirt is a common thing; wearing a Printed T-Shirt is a fashion mania; whereas wearing a hand/home Printed or engraved T-Shirt is the trend. There are 4 ways of making a t-shirt of your ideas and interests which will help you express yourself and feel cool.

Standard Screen t-shirt Printing – this is the most common and easy to handle method for all. First select the art piece to be printed, and then separate the different colors in it with different films. Now each of these films are used to create a silk screen which in turn prints the colors in the original art piece in a sequential manner until the complete art piece is replicated onto the t-shirt.

Large Printing – this is very similar to the above stated with a little difference in the font size. Mammoth graphic prints, which are the latest rage among teens, are used. The bigger the font, the more the money spent.

All over Printing – As the name explains, this print covers the entire shirt with the artwork. Turn the t-shirt to any direction, the design comes to you. This is achieved with the help of a bell printer. Though very attractive, they have some constraints.

  1. Since they do an overall printing, the design might be unfinished in few places.
  2. Not all shirt printing companies offer this printing type. Not everybody owns a belt printer.
  3. They have very narrowed color combinations.
  4. Since a rare concept, their prices are sky-high.

Iron-on-transfer Printing– this method is used when you want to print t-shirts in limited numbers or just one. It is a special paper print using the home inkjet printer. It is achieved by a hot pressing of the design on the t-shirt to be printed. This is a very affordable option. It`s limitations:

  1. Require an inkjet at home
  2. The color and design might fade away on frequent washes and over time
  3. Size is a big hindrance

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