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Spice up your Event with Photobooth from Instaprint

You might be a PR Manager or a Marketing Manager planning an event for branding, launch or promotion of your product or your company or perhaps you are the HR manager being charged with planning training or a motivational event for the employees of your company. As any good corporate event manager knows, you might also be aware that the event can be boring and tedious without the active involvement of the participants.

Any good marketing person also recognizes that more the people are captivated and involved in the activities, more is their excitement and more is the exposure whether through word of mouth or through the ever present social media.

Instagram is now the number one photo sharing app. It is also becoming the choice of social networking site for marketing teams. Research has found that Instagram updates for top brands generate 58 times higher engagement as compared to a Facebook post and 120 times higher than a twitter post

So if you want your event to go viral you need a lot of photos and a lot of shares and tags on Instagram with your unique #hashtag. Having a formal event photographer take pictures for you and then later share it with you and your participants is a slow process and will not generate the excitement and the buzz you need for your event. You need the photos to go live immediately and go viral even faster.

You do this by getting your participants, be it your marketing team, your prospective customers, your employees, your suppliers or even the walk-ins, to take photographs and #hashtag it to your event. Nearly everyone now has a smartphone which is equipped with a good resolution camera and taking selfies is still a craze. So encourage it, ask everyone to participate and take photographs and share it on Instagram by hash tagging it to your event microsite.

Add a retro twist to this with Instaprint’s Photobooth. The Instaprint booth combines the nostalgic value of a Polaroid photograph with the latest sharing of Instagram.

The crew from Instaprint Singapore will set up a booth with Instaprint machines at your event venue. They will print out photo cards which can be given to the “photographer” and his friends. You can personalise the photo card being printed with your brand or event details and make this event collateral which can also help spread the word.

You can also have a live slide show as the photographs are being uploaded to your microsite.

Many large companies in Fashion, Media, Cosmetics, and Electronic Goods like Reebok, MTV, Bodyshop and Samsung are using these photo booths across the world for their brand events and launch parties. Hewitt one of world’s largest HR consultancy companies used this for its annual company event.

Instaprint Singapore’s client list includes companies like Marc Jacob, Bodyshop, Reebonz, Bishan East CC etc.

So make your next corporate event – the most talked about event on the island and in the digital sphere with Instaprint’s PhotoBooth.